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Jan 14th, 2013 Easy Correction With Clearstep In Central London Get in touch

Clearstep is a complete orthodontic world of its own and is devoted to covert teeth straightening in central London, that’s right, the philosophy of the Clearstep programme is invisibility and it has a couple of aligners that back this ideal up as well. The first brace that it has to offer is one that contains a series of plates connected together with a wire and hinged to the back of the mouth; doesn’t sound that invisible until you discover that it is attached to the inside of the teeth where you can’t see it at all. The second ace up Clearstep’s sleeve is its plastic ‘gum-shield’ aligner. This can be worn by children or adults and once you have got on this programme, you will be supplied with a series of these aligners that you change as your teeth start to shift, and they shift pretty fast too, between 9-18 months. During the time you wear your aligner, you can take it out whenever the mood takes you and that is brilliant for your oral hygiene. But back to the invisibility thing again: this aligner is made from a clear, transparent aligner, so again, while you’re wearing it, it can barely be seen at all!

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