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Dec 6th, 2009 Effective dental hygiene treatment from City of London dentist Get in touch

Dental hygiene, also known as oral hygiene, refers to the process of keeping your mouth and teeth clean and healthy by following a routine of brushing, flossing and regular check ups with a City of London dentist. As you are probably aware from television adverts, keeping teeth free from bacteria-rich plaque can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and can help to keep your breath fresh but most people don’t really understand why.

Plaque is a film-like substance which clings to tooth enamel and gums releasing bacterial acids that erode protective tissue. This can eventually break down the protective barrier and lead to infections which cause toothache and dental problems. Plaque is easily removed by brushing and flossing, but if not removed can harden to become tartar which will need to be removed by a dentist. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for three minutes and flossing at least once a day.

Even with the strictest dental hygiene routines it is still always necessary to see a dentist regularly to monitor for the first signs of any dental problems. It is also becoming more and more common to visit a dental hygienist as part of your regular check up. Hygienists are specially trained technicians who can remove any built up tartar and give the teeth a thorough deep clean alongside treatment from your regular dentist. Hygienists can also give the best advice on effective cleaning methods to help give your teeth the best protection possible.

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