Oct 14th, 2013 Eliminating dark gum spots with depigmentation Get in touch

18625010Some could be forgiven for believing that having a perfect smile is solely about having great teeth.

However, in today’s world, attention to detail is everything and the gums can be just as important when it comes to the aesthetic of your smile. Numerous people have overly darkened gums which are a result of excessive levels of melanin.

Sufferers of this can now undergo a revolutionary treatment called gum depigmentation. Their central London based dentist can make use of laser technology to resolve this problem and return the gums to a more even, natural shade of pink.

The melanin is expertly targeted and the melanocytes which produce the melanin are ablated. This stops the production of melanin and once the gums heal, they appear to be a much lighter shade.

Patients undergoing this procedure are much happier with how their smile looks afterwards.

By using sophisticated laser technology your dentist is able to preserve the areas of the gum that are not afflicted by the excess melanin, so there is no risk to the overall health of the gum tissue.

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