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Nov 18th, 2010 Eliminating the ‘gummy’ smile in London w.1 Get in touch

One of the first things we notice when we meet someone new is their smile or alternatively, the lack of it. Having any dental problems can greatly affect our self esteem and the way we project ourselves. The ‘gummy’ smile is such a cosmetic problem. It’s not overly caused by health problems, although there are links to medication used to counter blood pressure. The more common reason is hereditary, with a lot of gum covering the front teeth and impairing the desire to smile. Help is on hand in London’s W.1. The more common removal of gums is with a scalpel, but thanks to the wonders of technology, lasers are rapidly taking over. It’s a relatively painless and quick procedure, aimed mainly at the front teeth and requires only a local anaesthetic. The laser will gently trim the excess gum, fusing the blood vessels as it goes and depending on the condition of the tooth exposed, may incorporate the need for veneers after the healing. Prices are as attractive as the smile, starting at around £150- not bad for restoring self confidence.

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