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Aug 16th, 2009 Emergency treatment from a London dentist for a knocked out tooth Get in touch

A knocked out, or avulsed tooth as it is known in the dentistry profession, can be caused by any kind of accident but the most common involve sports injuries, car accidents, fighting and chewing on hard food. A knocked out tooth can be quite serious so dentists advise that prevention is always better than cure.

When playing sports, especially physically demanding ones, it is important to wear a mouth guard. They may be uncomfortable and make it difficult to talk but these are minor considerations compared to the pain and lifetime of embarrassment a knocked out tooth can cause. Always wear a seatbelt when traveling in a car, avoid eating hard foods such as bones and, needless to say, don’t get involve in any fights.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a tooth knocked out, then the first thing to do is to try and replace it immediately. Being careful not to touch the tooth by its root i.e holding the biting edge, simply put it back in its place. With any luck it will slot right back in and can be held in place gently by wet gauze or a tea bag. Do not apply significant pressure or attempt to force it if it won’t go.

If the tooth won’t slot back in, the next best thing is to keep it in an air tight container and cover it with milk or saliva. This may preserve it long enough to save it and have it replaced.

It is important you always see a dentist immediately when you have a tooth knocked out or fractured. Your London dentist will be on hand to help in an emergency and will do all they can to save the original tooth. If this is not possible they will be able to offer the best advice about the next course of action, which is likely to involve a dental bridge.

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