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Jun 21st, 2010 Enhance your appearance with teeth whitening from West London dentist Get in touch

In cosmetic dentistry there are many treatments which aim to improve the appearance of the teeth but perhaps none of them is so effective as teeth whitening. Having whiter teeth can completely transform a smile and by doing so have the same impact on your overall appearance. Discoloured teeth can look very unpleasant and unhealthy, and we also automatically associate them as a sign of aging. This means that any discolouration could be prematurely aging you. But restoring the white appearance of your teeth could help to reverse this process and make you look years younger.

Teeth whitening works by applying a special gel in trays to the surfaces of the teeth. These trays have usually been specially designed for each specific patient. The gel, which contains the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, will act on the protective layer of enamel that has been stained or discoloured. It gradually bleaches the enamel making it look whiter and more uniform in colour.

In some cases this is enhanced by using a special lamp to accelerate the process of whitening. Treatment can be very short, as little as half an hour, or can be longer and repeated over the course of days and even weeks for more effective results. It is possible to lighten teeth by up to ten shades using teeth whitening treatments and with the process starting from as little as £60 it is little wonder it has fast become the most popular form of cosmetic treatment.

West London dentists now offer teeth whitening as standard procedure for all patients when twenty or even ten years ago it may well have been prohibitively expensive for most people. To find out more, ask your dentist at your next check up appointment.

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