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Jan 5th, 2011 Enlighten tooth whitening is available at a city of London dental practice. Get in touch

Enlighten tooth whitening, also called the ‘enlighten deep bleaching system’ is a procedure that combines two methods for a patients wanting to have whiter teeth and a better smile. It uses a home based kit in combination with dental sessions. To find out more about this procedure visit a city of London dental practice who will have all the information and advice about Enlighten tooth whitening. To start the treatment the dentist takes impressions of the teeth using a mould made from wax, which is then used to make a bleaching tray for your teeth, which then fits over the teeth to apply a carbamide peroxide gel. This process of using the tray is repeated every night for 14 days and then on the 15th day the patient attends an intense bleaching treatment with their dental professional who uses a stronger whitening gel . After visiting the dentist the effects should last permanently and be 15 shades lighter, however in some instances such as, smokers, and those who drink a lot a teeth staining products will require to top up every 8 weeks with a home whitening kit.

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