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Oct 17th, 2013 Enlighten Tooth Whitening: the best in London Get in touch

758140_blogWhen it comes to getting your teeth whitened, you may as well stop dabbling with cheaper options that you can purchase in the shops and go for the best. Seek advice on this beforehand from people in the know, and if you live in London, the city is blessed by being served by Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey. These are all-knowing and can give you the best advice on whitening treatments, and one that they may point you in the direction of is Enlighten Tooth Whitening. This technique is considered to be amongst the best you can buy today. It starts with you being measured up for some air-tight bleaching trays with your dentist and when they are ready, you will be sent home with them and the rest of the Enlighten kit for you to do the work yourself each night for the next two weeks. Before you go to bed, you simply fill the trays with the Enlighten bleaching agent and place them in your mouth and then sleep on it. You do this every night until the course is completed and after, you pop back to see your dentist for a quick check-up and maybe a laser blast. The results will be breathtaking and you will have teeth that you never thought possible.



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