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Sep 2nd, 2016 Everything You Need to Know About Dental Crowns Get in touch

4683491_blogDental crowns are used to make weakened or damaged teeth strong again. They’re also known as caps, because they sit over the top of your natural tooth like a little hat.

About dental crowns

Crowns are designed to protect and strengthen teeth that have fallen victim to damage or decay. They can be made of porcelain or metal, or a fusion of the two. This makes them both strong and nice to look at! You might need a crown if you’ve got a big cavity, have had root canal treatment or have injured your tooth.

The procedure

There are two stages for placing a crown. In the first, your dentist will get rid of all the decay and give your teeth a good clean and shape. They’ll make a mould to use as a template for your crown and in your next appointment, they’ll fit your brand new restoration so it looks just like a natural tooth.

Hygiene for a crown

When your crown is in place, you can look after it just like you do your natural teeth. Crowns can’t decay, but the little area where it joins with your real tooth can, so good oral hygiene is a must to make sure your mouth stays happy and healthy.

How long does a crown last?

Crowns are built to last for many years, as long as you keep up with a good oral hygiene routine and look after your pearly whites.

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