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May 10th, 2010 Experience new Six Month Braces at City of London dentist Get in touch

Six Months Braces is a revolutionary new orthodontic brace, developed in the US and aimed at significantly reducing the time taken to straighten teeth. The Six Month Brace can be used to treat a number of straightening concerns including crowding, spacing and bite issues.

Having straight teeth is becoming of increasing importance in the modern world but many people can’t face the prospect of having to wear traditional fixed metal braces for up to two and a half years. This is where new orthodontic treatments such as Six Month are making such a big difference to people’s lives. The main advantages of the Six Month treatment is that treatment time is reduced by up to 75 per cent. As the name of the brace would suggest, the average time for treatment is just Six Months, although the longer the brace is worn the more impressive the results.

The wires used in the Six Month brace are small and discreet. They are tooth coloured so they limit the aesthetic effects common to other more conspicuous braces. As with all orthodontic treatments, you may experience some discomfort at first but this will soon wear off as the teeth become accustomed to the brace. However, it must be said that Six Month braces have been specifically designed to create less discomfort than other braces. You will require short fifteen-minute appointments about every five weeks with your City of London dentist to adjust the braces but on the whole, patients say they are a lot less intrusive than other treatments.

Six Month Braces is a new and exciting orthodontic treatment in the UK that is coming to the attention of more and more people. If you have always wanted to put the finishing touches to your smile but have never been keen on traditional style braces, then make an initial appointment to see if the Six Month Brace treatment could work for you.

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