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Mar 7th, 2009 Expert London W1 Dentists Offer Crown Lengthening Surgery Get in touch

A dental procedure, which should be performed by professionals like London W1 dentists, crown lengthening involves incising gingival tissues in order to expose more tooth structure needed to restore tooth successfully.

There are various conditions which would require this procedure such as gummy smiles. In most instances, a dentist would recommend crown lengthening in order to complete a filling or make a porcelain crown.

Crown lengthening is a relatively-simple procedure. Your London W1 dentist will start by reviewing your medical history and taking some X-ray. After everything turns out to be okay, a surgery date will be set.

The crown lengthening surgery will involve:

• Use of local anesthesia
• Cutting of the gums and exposing the root
• If needed, some bone will also be removed
• Washing of the area with sterile water
• Stitching of the gums together

It usually takes about three months for the area operated on to completely heal. You can expect some pain and for this reason, your London W1 dentist will prescribe a pain reliever and recommend a soft diet.

There are usually very few complications from this procedure. In some cases, infection could occur and/or the swelling does not subside after a couple of days. Some even notice increased sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks. This is actually normal and said sensitivity will go away after some time.

If you experience any of these things, it is important that you call your London W1 dentist and schedule an appointment immediately to have the area checked.

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