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May 18th, 2012 Exploring the Myths Behind Root Canal Treatment in London W1 Get in touch

There have always been innovative periods of dentistry in London W1 where every dentist thinks they are breaking new ground and coming up with new ideas to make treatments easier and less painful for their patients. But ideas can only work if you have the tools to do them with and let’s not forget, the smooth transition into today’s pain-free dentistry have been hampered by fears and stories that are born out of the bad old days. The perfect example of this is root canal treatment- a perfectly easy and painless procedure these days thanks to laser technology, but its image as a treatment has been vastly undermined by those who went through the process when drills were in vogue- then, it wasn’t so easy to get the treatment done and in all fairness to the victims, it could be a harrowing ordeal. Of course, it doesn’t get any better when you are told what the procedure involves: the rotting, diseased pulp is first removed from inside the tooth so that the infected roots can be removed as well by drilling before the tooth is filled and then crowned- that’s not light reading! But if you want a book at bedtime, just take a look at how dentistry has evolved and immerse yourself in the ways that such notorious treatments such as root canals are no longer something to fear, but to enjoy……….!

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