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Aug 1st, 2012 Fabulous Cosmetic Dentistry in the City of London Get in touch

If you need to look fabulous at all times in the city of London, one of the elements to do so will be the way you smile at people, so you want a healthy looking smile with wonderful looking teeth, you can rest easy in the fact that there is some fantastic cosmetic dentistry around to get you into shape. For starters, bleaching is ‘big’ right now and you don’t even have to go to the dentists to get it done, you can get a kit from your chemists and do it yourself. But you may want to check-out laser bleaching at your dentists first, as this is cheap and all over within an hour. This of course is only any good if your teeth are ship-shape in the first place, if not, you may have to have a little bit of reconstruction done. This may mean fitting porcelain veneers or having a little bit of cosmetic bonding done to cover up years of wear and tear. There are dental implants, bridges and partial dentures to cater for tooth loss, gummy smiles can be eradicated with laser treatment and lest we forget your lips- the frame of your mouth, these can be remedied with a little Botox. You are living in a golden era when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and there isn’t anything that can’t be done so come on, you work hard for a living so you deserve to smile about it!


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