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Jan 9th, 2015 Fabulous Fillings in the Centre of London Get in touch

4976621_blogIf you have signs of dental decay, don’t panic! With our fabulous fillings, we can have you fighting fit again in just one hour.

About fillings

Fillings are restorative treatments used to fill cavities, holes that form in the enamel. We use white fillings made from dental composite to restore decayed teeth without impacting on the aesthetic of the tooth. Fillings not only improve the function of the tooth, but the procedure also helps to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to other parts of the tooth.

The benefits of a white filling

White fillings are completely undetectable, as they match the shade of the tooth perfectly. This makes them a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to mercury amalgam fillings. Dental composite, the material used for white fillings, is also considered to be safer than mercury and it is durable and versatile.

The filling procedure

Before a tooth is filled, it is numbed using local anaesthetic. This ensures that you don’t feel any pain during treatment. Once the tooth is completely numb, your dentist will start to remove the decayed tissue and clear the cavity. Once the cavity has been cleaned thoroughly, the filling process can begin. Bonding agent is placed inside the cavity to encourage the composite to adhere and your dentist will then layer the composite, which feels similar to putty, inside the cavity. When the cavity has been filled, your dentist will shine a curing light onto the composite to set it, making it firm. This only takes a minute and is painless. After the composite has set, the filling will be trimmed.

After treatment, it’s normal for your tooth to feel numb, but the effects of the anaesthetic will wear off fairly quickly. It’s best to avoid drinking very cold or hot drinks or eating hard foods for the first few hours after treatment.


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