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Jun 12th, 2014 Facial Rejuvenation Can Compliment London’s Pearly Whites Get in touch

2904341_blogAt Aqua Dental Spa we offer the latest facial rejuvenation treatments to transform your complexion and give your confidence a boost. Our non-surgical treatments are the perfect compliment to our cosmetic dental services and we often combine cosmetic dentistry with facial treatment to produce beautiful smiles and radiant, young, complexions.

Our treatments

We offer Botox and dermal fillers to roll back the years and create younger, fresher looking skin. Our aim is to maintain and enhance natural beauty and transform the skin without the risks attached to surgery.

Botox is a very popular facial treatment, which helps to smooth lines and wrinkles by preventing nerve signals from triggering muscle contraction in the facial muscles. The Botox procedure is simple and very quick and the results are temporary, so you can try treatment out without committing to permanent change.

Dermal fillers are another means of smoothing the complexion and they can reduce the visibility of lines, as well as adding definition and volume to the face. We are proud to offer Restylane treatment, which uses substances that occur naturally in the body to add bounce and vibrancy to the skin.

The procedure

The procedures for fillers and Botox are very similar. Before any treatment, we will have a consultation to identify the areas and problems you want to tackle and go through the treatment process with you. The actual procedure is very simple and usually treatment is complete within 20 minutes. We use a very fine needle to inject the Botox or filler into the desired areas of the face and the effects will soon start to become visible.

Treatment is not painful and you don’t have to worry about taking time off work for recovery, like you do with surgery. You can get straight back to the rest of your day and enjoy the benefits of your treatment for the next 3-6 months. The results of Botox treatment tend to last around 3-6 months, while fillers usually last up to 9 months. After this period has elapsed, it is easy to continue treatment by simply arranging follow-up sessions.

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