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Mar 26th, 2012 Facing Up to False Teeth in West London Get in touch

3481869_blogNow, it can be very easy to wind yourself up with endless stress when you discover that you have to carry on life wearing dentures, and let’s face it, history has not exactly painted ‘falsies’ in a very kind light.

However, things are starting to change, for, as the understanding of dentures develops, so does the benefits to those wearing them. There used to be a time when signs of gum disease would convince your dentist that all your teeth had to come out. But a modern understanding and treatment of such problems means that teeth are kept when possible, opening the sufferer to a world of excellent partial dentures that work closely with the natural teeth.

Full dentures have also become more amiable to wear, as they are now made from softer ‘natural looking’ materials and adhere better to the inside of the mouth. Fixodent’s have also had a make-over too and work better than ever before.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate freedom with your dentures, then mini-implants may be the ultimate treatment.Five or six of these per denture located into your jaws allows the denture to be fixed into place securely.

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