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Apr 21st, 2011 Facing up to Tooth and Gum Disease in West London Get in touch

One of the problems of people with tooth and gum disease in West London is that they may have missed the fact that they have had it over some period of time, which indicates that they might not be seeing their dentist as often as they should, and have not been keeping up with a basic oral hygiene program. The causes of disease among the gums and the teeth, stems from poor hygiene and allows the growth of plaque around the teeth. If not removed, gum disease can develop and infect the bone structure around the teeth, leading to tooth decay (breaking down the pulp of the tooth), and tooth loss. Only by cleaning the teeth correctly and regular visits to the dentist, can these problems be stopped. Deep de-scaling and removal of bacteria from the roots of the teeth is the only way that progressed gum disease can be treated and occasionally the removal of some gum tissue. However, the gums can be rejuvenated at home by the use of herbal products, massaged into the gum tissue. This will then protect the enamel around the base of the teeth. Some dentists will advocate the use of fluoride to protect the tooth’s enamel as well. In all, there are a lot of methods around to prevent tooth and gum disease- combine

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