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Oct 12th, 2010 False teeth aren’t what they used to be – find out at West London dentist Get in touch

False teeth or dentures had for many years a stigma attached to them that they were for elderly patients, and that they would fall out and cause embarrassment to the wearers. This has put many people off the idea of dentures or false teeth but most people do not realise how far dentures have come in the last ten years.

People can lose teeth for a number of reasons. It could be as the result of dental decay or gum disease but in many cases teeth are knocked out during accidents or by sporting injuries. Once one or two teeth have been lost it increases the chances of losing many more because bacteria builds up in the hollows left by missing teeth and it has more surface area to damage the remaining teeth.

Losing teeth is never a pleasant experience. Not only is there the physical pain and discomfort but there is also the emotional strain of losing teeth and the association with growing old. However, modern dentures are made using the latest technologies and most up-to-date materials. They are designed to fit the patient’s mouth exactly and should stay in place around the gums with only suction alone.

False teeth need to be removed at night to be cleaned but should not be loose or fall out at any other times. If they do, then it may be necessary to take them to a West London dentist to have them adjusted. It is also possible to have false teeth secured with a series of mini-implants that are drilled directly into the jawbone. These act as clips to keep the false teeth in place and allow the patient to live a normal life without the anxiety of loose fitting dentures.

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