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Jun 13th, 2010 Fast and discreet straightening with Inman aligner from London W1 dentist Get in touch

The Inman aligner is a new tool for of orthodontic teeth straightening that focuses especially on providing patients with a fast and effective treatment, capable of achieving results in as little as sixteen weeks. This really rather remarkable when you consider that some fixed orthodontic treatments can take up to three years.

The Inman aligner is also very discreet when in the mouth. Only a thin metal bar can be seen across the front of the teeth, as opposed to a series of metal brackets stuck to each tooth. The bulk of the straightening power comes form a coiled spring located on the tongue side of the teeth. This is hidden from view but also acts to move the lateral teeth out, creating room for the visible front teeth to move into and straighten. It is this focus on the visible teeth that provides the Inman aligner with its incredible speed.

The other major bonus of the Inman aligner compared to traditional braces is that it is completely removable. In fact, as long as the Inman aligner is in the mouth for between 18 and 20 hours a day it can be completely effective, although the longer you wear it the more effective it will be.

The speed of treatment is becoming very appealing to many people keen to improve the appearance of their teeth in the shortest time possible. This has included brides-to-be and people who are starting a new job and want the confidence that a beautiful smile can give you. Inman aligners are available from London W1 dentists and also cost roughly half of the price of traditional treatment with braces, just another reason why it could be perfect for you and your teeth.

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