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Mar 11th, 2013 Fast Dental Bonding in London W1 Get in touch

If your smile has been in decline of late due to ageing or minor injury, it may be time to get patched up and have a makeover to your teeth. Teeth can get chipped in accidents, but they can suffer badly from the turning of time: age can cause your gums to recede, gaps may start to show between your teeth; they can become grey and faded, and worst of all, they can lose their length due to wear. This type of destruction can be costly to the way you smile and in a dandy part of the city like London W1 it can damage your status and standing in both the workplace and socially. Of course, to every action, you can solve the problem with a reaction and if you want something done about your dilemma quickly and that will get your teeth back on track again then you should take a look at dental bonding. This is not only a very competent and versatile treatment it can be done in the time it would take you to down a couple of gin and tonics in your lunch break. There is no real preparation beforehand, except a quick clean, then within minutes, the dentist will lay over the first of many layers of resin and then seal it with a heat lamp. Once there are enough layers and all of the problems of your teeth hidden away, the teeth are then shaped and polished and that’s it: fast, simple and oh so effective. You may even still be able to get that drink in after all before you go back to work!


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