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Oct 21st, 2011 Fast Teeth Alignment in London W1 Get in touch

Got a few front teeth out of line and you haven’t bothered to do anything about them and they are annoying you every time you sit yourself in front of a mirror? Well here’s an option that you may like consider to get you looking pretty once more- the Inman aligner, because if your CV for having this treatment done works, you can stop feeling ugly and start to look pretty within 6 weeks….yes you heard it here first, 6 weeks. The Inman aligner is a bit of a Spitfire when it comes to teeth aligning in London W1 and we are not talking ‘are you being served’ either. This design of aligner is unique as it works like no other- bouncing your teeth into place with a system of opposing forces- very scientific yet extremely effective. I push you and then you pull me- that is how it works- with an ingenious spring that pushes against the teeth on the inside with a bar whilst pulling the teeth into place with a wire at the front; this pushy-pulley way means that because your teeth are gypsy-like- always on the move, and in no time, your teeth are soon in place. Yes you may have to wear a retainer for a bit, but that is nothing compared to how this aligner will give a smile back to your face that you have been so lacking.

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