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Dec 10th, 2012 Fast treatment through CEREC in West London Get in touch

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved brilliantly to cope with all of our problems: veneers, dental bridges and crowns have become familiar treatments in surgeries throughout west London and help maintain the health and look of our teeth. However, people in this part of the city are always on the go and having treatments like these traditionally took weeks to complete, that’s not to impugn in any way how good they are. So thanks to the world of computers, these treatments can be done and dusted in a dinner break with CEREC! The process is initially the same: sit in the chair and then have your teeth prepped. However, no cast is required to be sent away- with CEREC, images are taken digitally of your teeth and logged into a specifically designed programme that will then create your new fitting. This information is then fed into a milling machine which will create your fitting from a block of material in around 20 minutes. Then, it can be fitted and any problems can be ironed out there and then on the spot. Comparatively speaking, there is not a lot of difference in price to having this treatment from having it done the traditional way, but when it comes to speed, CEREC can get you out of a pickle if something immediate crops up that require your perfect and undivided smile!


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