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Sep 26th, 2013 Feeding your Teeth Healthy in West London Get in touch

2429879_blogYour body should be your temple in west London and to maintain your health, you should be aware of what you are putting into it food wise. The diet that you choose can either make or break your immune system; if this is diminished in anyway, it will have a knock-on affect all around your body and in your mouth too. A good immune system will keep your saliva levels going and this will naturally help to fight off bacteria and help you to avoid nasty things such as tooth decay and gum disease. What you need to do here is have a talk to a hygienist and/or a nutritionist about your diet; it can make all the difference: if you do get into trouble and your gums start to suffer, you can turn things around by eating certain foods like celery and raisins but you will need to do a bit of research yourself about the foods that can be beneficial to your mouth, your teeth and your gums. If you get this right from the start, you will maintain a high level of oral hygiene in the future and avoid the pitfalls that threaten your mouth on a daily basis.

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