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Jan 14th, 2014 Feeling born again with Dental Implants in the City of London Get in touch

2607696_blogDental implants have been kicking around for decades, but it is only since laser surgery has been introduced that the treatment has reached its true potential and now the procedure can be found in most dental surgeries around the city of London. Lasers are extremely efficient, very accurate and do miniscule damage to gum tissue and the bone structure. This is why an implant can be located into the jawbone within an hour. Implants are plenty strong and durable for life, but it is their applications that are truly impressive. A handful of mini-implants screwed into the mouth are perfect for locking full dentures into the mouth without fear of them coming out. Dental bridges too have benefited greatly from the implant- one of these will ensure that the fitting is anchored down firmly to the mouth. In the past, this was an awfully expensive and exclusive treatment, but because the ease of being able to do it, prices are very reasonable- affordable to all. So if you want to overcome tooth loss, and want something that is going to be durable and long lasting then treat yourself to dental implants- you won’t look back.

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