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Nov 11th, 2011 Fighting the Eruption of Wisdom Teeth in West London Get in touch

At some point in your life in west London, you are going to have to front up and get ready for the day your wisdom teeth put in an appearance into your mouth. For some, the moment will come and go with a blip and the teeth will come through quite naturally and not cause any problems at all and settle at the back of your mouth harmoniously. However, it is still a tempestuous time in the mouth and so you need to be on guard when it all gets going. Having the right products at hand is important to get through this, so you should prepare, firstly by going down to your dentist, have an X-ray and find out how your teeth are coming through and how they are going to erupt. If they appear pretty straight forward, you can ride the storm with some painkillers and a few herbal treats to avoid infection and smooth the ride. For some of us however, it can be a nightmare as wisdom teeth tend to have a mind of their own and can grow inwards, backwards, forwards, anywhere in fact- some don’t even show themselves but will cause you a lot of trauma in the process. At this junction, you have no option but to have them removed and this may mean that you have to go to hospital because their very removal can be very complex and recovering from it can be very touch and go, so you have to get yourself ready for any eventuality.

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