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Mar 18th, 2019 Filling Hatch End potholes on-by-one Get in touch

Busted suspension, flat tyres, dents and bumps – if you’ve ever had the misfortune to come off worst in the fight between vehicle and pothole, you’ll know just how damaging they can be.

Here in North London, the system for reporting potholes is fairly simple, though not always effective. Let the council know and a team should show up fairly quickly to fill in the offending hole. But more often, potholes are left to languish and cause untold problems for motorists.

Just like potholes, holes in the teeth can cause a host of problems if not seen to. What may seem like a minor blemish could end up causing the dental equivalent of a full blowout.

The reason is bacteria – that cause of oh-so-many oral health issues. When it gets into holes and cavities, it can lead to infection, toothache and – worse – tooth loss.

Luckily, the solution doesn’t require a team of workers with high-vis vests and pneumatic drills. Holes in the teeth can be solved fairly easily by a single dentist using a dental filling.

The procedure is simple. The area is first cleaned thoroughly to avoid trapping any unwanted material in the hole. Your dentist may also enlarge the hole slightly to make room for filler. (Don’t worry, your dentist will administer an anaesthesia so you won’t feel a thing!)

Afterwards, a mixture – or amalgam – of silver, copper and tin with a trace of mercury is mixed to fill the hole. For front or visible teeth, tooth coloured amalgams are used and in acute cases, the filing may be finished off with a crown fitted to the tooth top.

And that’s all there is to it!

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