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Although they have been a reliable staple of dentistry for many many years now, dentures do not enjoy the finest of reputations amongst the general public. Memories of grandma’s set of false teeth slipping out during dinner time or the vision of granddad’s set suspended in water in a glass by his bed have contributed to this. But there is more to dentures to these caricatures and they are still very much worth considering as an option if you have experienced multiple tooth loss.

In essence, dentures are sets of false teeth mounted onto a platform that are worn in the mouth either with a special gel which holds them in place, or naturally through the suction of gums. They have a long and interesting history but it is only in the last few decades that dental professionals have been able to perfect dentures which can be worn comfortably and practically.

Many of the problems of dentures in the past were caused by the fact that they were made en masse. This meant that wearers would often find them uncomfortable because every mouth is shaped differently. Nowadays, dentists make dentures individually for each patient so that they are suited to the unique shape and contours of peoples’ gums. The new materials that are being used are far more comfortable too and can even boast the status of being ‘friction free’.

Compared to some other teeth replacement treatments, dentures are eminently affordable and do not require invasive any sort of invasive treatment. This is partly why they remain such an attractive option for many. If you want more information about dentures beyond the stereotypes then you should talk to your Central London dentist next time you are at the surgery.

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