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Jun 21st, 2011 Find out about the links between sleep apnea and heart failure with City of London dentists Get in touch

Unfortunately sleep apnea has consequences for sufferers beyond simply disrupting their sleep. For those who haven’t heard of sleep apnea, it is a condition that causes people to wake up in the night when the supply of oxygen is restricted as a result of the muscles at the rear of the mouth relaxing inappropriately. The brain sends a signal to the body to come out of deep sleep if not enough air is getting through to the lungs.

Dentists can help to diagnose sleep apnea because they have privileged access to the rear of the mouth during their thorough six month check-ups that you hopefully attend. It is worth reporting to your dentist if you are finding that your sleep is being regularly disrupted and you are not sure why.

Sufferers will experience extreme fatigue during the day because of the disruption to sleep and they might find that they are more prone to accidents at work. The body relies on having a full, uninterrupted sleep on a regular basis and if it does not get this then hypertension can ensue. It is only a short step from hypertension to sufferers having an increased risk of heart failure.

Sleep apnea can be dealt with by wearing one of several inter oral devices (IODs) during sleep. These are worn in the mouth and basically make sure that your throat muscles cannot stop air getting through into the lungs. The improvements to the everyday lives of sufferers are palpable and the lowering of the risk of heart failure is most welcome. Talk to your City of London dentist next time you are in the surgery if you need to know more about sleep apnea.

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