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Aug 12th, 2014 Find Out How A London Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth Get in touch

944335_blogIf you have an infected tooth, we have just the solution to have you fighting fit again in no time. Root canal treatment is a common procedure, which is used to save teeth, which have been damaged by infection.

What is root canal treatment and how could it benefit me?

Root canal treatment is a procedure, which is used to treat an infected tooth and prevent the spread of infection. This treatment is often recommended when the only other alternative is extraction. Root canal therapy is advisable when an infection has reached the pulp chamber; this part of the tooth contains the pulp, the living tissue of the tooth. Once the pulp is infected, blood supply to the tooth is reduced and the tooth starts to die. At this point, root canal treatment can be used to save a tooth. At Aqua Dental, we do everything we can to try and save patients from having teeth extracted, as gaps in the smile can contribute to problems and root canal treatment is a really effective procedure.

This dental procedure involves some drilling into the tooth and clearing decayed tissue from the root canals; this helps to reduce the spread of infection. Once the root canals are completely clean, they are filled with dental material and sealed. It is common to have a new crown fitted after the procedure and this helps to strengthen the tooth and improve the aesthetic of the smile.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Many people dread the words root canal being spoken by their dentist, but in reality, this is a really important treatment, which produces amazing results. Before we begin treatment, we numb the tooth using anaesthetic and this means that you won’t feel any pain during treatment. Once the effects of the anaesthetic start to become apparent, we will start your treatment and you can sit back and relax.

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