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Mar 29th, 2012 Finding a Way to Plug the Gap in London W1 Get in touch

4515314_blogIt is not always essential to replace a lost tooth, as sometimes the teeth around it can stay strong and recover, but depending where the tooth has gone, it can lead to unwanted movement and further problems with infection and decay. Aside from that, it can look quite unsightly and ruin the way you smile if you have missing teeth.

In London W1, your dentist can offer three main treatments to overcome tooth loss.

Firstly, you can have a removable, partial denture fitted, that will attach itself securely to the teeth around it. A more common and cheaper choice is to have a dental bridge bonded permanently to the surrounding teeth. But for the ultimate and most permanent solution is best to have a dental implant fixed into the jaw, and then have a new crown attached to the implant.

All of these treatments can be adapted for multiple tooth loss, though the more you lose, the more you are veering towards full dentures, unless you opt for a multiple implants.

Some of these treatments can get expensive to a point, but as you get older, tooth loss, aside from injury, can becomes more common, so it may well be advisable to take out an insurance policy to cover these type of treatments in the future.

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