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Dec 13th, 2009 Firmer lips with Botox from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Botox is a bacterial toxin, safe for use in the human body, injected into the facial muscles to plump and firm, remove wrinkles and make you look younger. Once associated solely with Hollywood celebrities, the use of Botox has become more widespread as it has become more affordable and a treatment now is little more unusual than a nail appointment.

Botox is a type of dermal filler that improves the appearance of skin by using the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to firm the lines caused by muscle movement in the face. It does this by blocking signals that are usually transferred between the muscles, thereby reducing their activity.

Results can usually be seen one or two days after the treatment, but improvements in the skin will continue for up to a month after treatment. In most cases results will remain for about four months before requiring a top-up. The treatment is relatively painless and only involves a few small injections. These can be made even less uncomfortable by using an anaesthetic gel on the area to be injected. Some inflammation of the area may occur after the treatment but this will usually subside relatively quickly.

More and more London W1 dentists are offering Botox as part of a wider smile makeover. After all, a beautiful smile needs a beautiful mouth to make it complete. The firm and healthy looking appearance of Botox is the perfect accompaniment for new dental work.

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