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Dec 19th, 2009 Firmer skin with dermal fillers from Central London dentist Get in touch

924884_blogDermal fillers like collagen and hyaluronic acid are used to add volume to certain areas of the skin. This has the effect of smoothing out wrinkles and making the patient appear younger. The are being increasingly used by dentists as part of a more comprehensive smile makeover treatment to frame dental work that has already been carried out.

Dermal fillers work by blocking the transmission of signals between muscles. This has the effect of reducing muscle movement, which is the primary cause of wrinkles in the skin. One of the biggest worries about dermal fillers is their safety. If they are injected by a trained cosmetic dentist, in the proper conditions, there is very little risk involved in using dermal fillers. Some patients may experience some mild inflammation in the few days after treatment but this will subside naturally causing little discomfort.

The results of dermal fillers usually show after a couple of days and continue for up to four months. They can then be topped up with further injections with no risk. This is because the body will have naturally broken down the last injected matter.

If used correctly, dermal fillers can have an amazing transformative effect on the face. It can make patients look years younger in only matter of days with a minimum of fuss and risk. Make an appointment with a Central London dentist to discuss the cost and further benefits of dermal fillers.

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