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May 22nd, 2012 Fitting Valplast Dentures in Central London Get in touch

If we were all to be honest with ourselves, the wearing of dentures signals the end of the road- next stop, a cemetery somewhere in central London and that is a justified overview as well, because they were always badly made from hard materials that looked ‘false’, always falling out, and when out in a glass, left you looking very old indeed. Thank the stars then that someone, somewhere had a vision and decided that things could be done a lot better for those that suffered. Of course, this was helped by the fact that dentists no longer feel the need to pull out all your teeth at the first signs of gum disease- just the bad ones: this is what Valplast dentures are all about. This denture wraps itself around your remaining teeth and shores up any signs of tooth loss in the most natural of ways. They  are custom built for your mouth from a soft, flexible and natural looking material that once gently warmed in water in the morning, adhere to the shape of your mouth and then tighten as they cool,  making them a rock solid fit. There are no ugly looking metal clasps, just a subtle strap that sits around the teeth. The beauty of this denture is it also comes with a lifetime guarantee because its flexibility alters as your mouth does and though it is pricier than other dentures, it sure weighs in cheaper than a bridge or implant!


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