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Dec 2nd, 2018 Five Winter Warm Ups that Protect Your Smile Get in touch

Winter is a season synonymous with all kinds of hearty foods and soothing drinks. Some are more opulent and indulgent than others, but it is possible to treat yourself without sacrificing your smile. If you’re looking for winter foods and drinks that will warm the cockles, here are some ideas:

Green tea: if you fancy a hot drink, swerve sugary flavoured lattes and hot chocolate covered in mounds of cream and opt for a green tea instead. Green tea is sugar-free and it also has amazing anti-oxidant properties. Studies show that drinking green tea can help to boost oral health, most notably by decreasing the risk of gum disease.

Homemade soup: there’s nothing quite like a bowl of hot soup on a chilly day. Soup is a healthy, nutritious meal, which is low in sugar and high in fibre. Add plenty of vegetables, such as carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, squash, leeks and tomatoes to increase your vitamin and mineral intake.

Hot milk: if you’ve been out in the cold and you’re looking for a drink that will warm you up without damaging your pearly whites, pop a saucepan of milk on the hob and have a glass of hot milk. Milk is rich in calcium, which is hugely beneficial for your teeth, nails and bones.

Porridge: porridge is an ideal breakfast option for the winter months. High in fibre and complex carbohydrates, which release energy over a prolonged period of day, a bowl of steaming porridge will ensure that you’re toasty and prevent you from snacking.

Scrambled eggs: if you’re on the lookout for other tooth-friendly breakfast choices, scrambled eggs are a brilliant option. Eggs are a good source of protein, and milk and butter contain calcium. Add wholemeal toast to keep you full until lunch time and spinach, tomatoes or mushrooms to increase your daily vegetable intake.

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