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Feb 25th, 2016 Fix Your Teeth in Months! Get in touch

4683491_blogThe Inman Aligner is one of the many new and innovative types of brace available from dental clinics – and these get to work quickly on minor problems.

Braces are big business these days and many companies are developing their own brands which all seem to offer something that the others don’t. The Inman Aligner is targeting a specific corner of the market: those who have minor problems with their front teeth and don’t need long- term braces to create the perfect smile. After all, if you only have one crooked tooth, or a small gap, you don’t want to be wearing braces for over a year, constantly visiting the orthodontist for check- ups. The Inman Aligner would definitely be the brace for you.

The actual braces are more like old fashioned retainers, so while they’re not completely invisible like some modern braces, they aren’t as visible as the old fixed braces either. The aligner can only be used to correct teeth at the front, as these are easier to move into a new position using the simple plastic and wire braces. Of course, they’re also cheaper than the expensive clear aligners that are so popular these days! The other big advantage, after price, is the short length of time that treatment takes. Because the Inman brand is only really suitable for people with minor problems with their teeth, this also means that the treatment time is really short – only six weeks in some cases before you can be smiling with confidence.

This all depends on you, the patient, following the orthodontist’s instruction. The aligners can be removed for eating, oral hygiene and even social occasions, but if you take them out too often or leave them out for longer periods of time, then your treatment could take longer than you expected. Most experts recommend wearing the aligner for 20 hours a day, so if you can’t commit to this then aligners probably aren’t the treatment for you.

If you have crooked front teeth, the Inman Aligner might be suitable for you, providing a quicker and cheaper alternative to many modern orthodontic solutions. However, because they aren’t as strong as fixed braces or the plastic aligners that are worn over a longer period of time, they aren’t suitable for everyone.

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