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Jan 11th, 2013 Fixing The Dream With Invisalign Teen In West London Get in touch

Growing up into your teen years in west London, your body is going to go through some radical changes and the perfect example of just how much things will alter can be found in the growth of your teeth. They will come and go, need filling, polishing, and they may well grow crooked which sets you up for the most challenging time with your teeth- the wearing of braces; images you’d rather not bear thinking about. But the world of dentistry has woken up to want patients would prefer when it comes to teeth alignment, especially teenagers which is why we arrive at the door of Invisalign Teen. Teenagers hate the idea of wearing a mouthful of wires for years and it can get in the way of many new explorations at a time when you really need to be at your best. This is the aligner for you then. Removable for hygiene and maybe the odd kiss or two, the real asset of this device, or in fact devices, as you change them over as your teeth move, is that it is made from a clear plastic that can be barely seen when it’s in the mouth. Invisalign Teen also has a few built in specialities designed for the young too. It has a blue dot indicator which indicates to you when you should move onto your next aligner. It takes into account new teeth that are yet to erupt into the mouth and even cleverer, you are allowed up to 6 free ones with this package- just in case you lose one here or there. Best of all, the treatment can be over with in as little as 9 months!

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