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Nov 7th, 2009 Flexible discreet teeth straightening with Clearstep from London W1 dentist Get in touch

Clearstep braces represent a leap towards very discreet, affordable and quick orthodontic treatment. The Clearstep system is a series of one-millimetre thick see-through retainers worn by the patient to gradually reposition teeth that are incorrectly placed. By applying gentle pressure on the incorrectly positioned teeth over time, they will gradually move into line with the others. Clearstep can be used to treat all sorts of orthodontic issues ranging from overcrowding to over-spaced teeth and everything in between.

Clearstep braces are incredibly discreet because they are made from almost invisible transparent plastic. When compared to the old style wire and bracket metal braces they are an almost unrecognisable form of treatment. We all remember the old fixed metal braces. The ugly, uncomfortable and messy braces that were routinely fitted to teenagers are now hopefully a thing of the past as new technology such as Clearstep offers far superior alternatives. Clearstep braces also offer a greater degree of flexibility, as the braces are completely removable. This means they can be taken out for meal times, teeth cleaning and important social or professional occasions. This flexibility reduces the impact on the patient’s life and limits the degree of sacrifice needed for straighter teeth. It is also possible to complement the Clearstep system with a whitening gel applied to the retainer. This helps to remove the appearance of stains from teeth during straightening, meaning the teeth will be straight and white at the end of treatment.

Cleastep really does have the advantage in all areas when compared to more conventional straightening methods. It is far less uncomfortable to wear, far more discreet and the level of flexibility offered is second to none in orthodontic straightening.

The cost of treatment varies depending on several factors, such as where and who performs the treatment. The degree of straightening needed by the patient can also determine the cost but it is a fair estimate that a full treatment will cost between £1,500 and £2,500. You can make an appointment to discuss prices further with a London W1 dentist.

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