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Sep 23rd, 2013 Flossing away the evils in your mouth in London W1 Get in touch

357249_blogDental floss has rather revolutionised the art of your oral hygiene in London W1; it has helped to back up everything else that you do with your mouth, especially after eating. Food has a nasty habit of getting lodged in your teeth and in the gums and if this isn’t removed properly, bacteria will develop from it; this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease developing and then you will have to fork out money to get yourself repaired. Flossing your teeth will get to places where your normal toothbrush won’t: learn to do it properly; practise it in front of the mirror- weave it in and around and work out the sticky bits of food left behind after eating- do it until you can do it in the dark. Get this right in the beginning and you could be saving yourself from a mouthful of hurt later down the line. Shop around as well before-hand and find one that suits your teeth- floss isn’t expensive, but it is vitally important to your oral health.

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