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Nov 9th, 2012 Flossing away your troubles in London W1 Get in touch

The way we approach how we care for our teeth in London W1 evolves each year as those dandy inventors come up with new and wonderful products with which to care for our oral health. But there was, and still is, the basics involved in order to clean our teeth- brushing and rinsing. However, another important member has joined the team- flossing. This is the best way to get rid of anything the brush can’t that may have got stuck between the teeth and up around the gums. Getting the hang of this takes a little practise at first, as does getting the right thickness of floss to suit your teeth- but persevere and ask your dentist for help too, because flossing greatly reduces the chance of acids from foodstuffs causing tooth decay. One of the best ways of learning is to wrap a length of floss between the fingers of both hands and then practise moving it through your teeth in front of the mirror until you get good at it, then you’ll be able to do it automatically. Of course, you can buy floss already strung between two small plastic prongs so that it saves you wrapping it around the fingers: these can come in bags of anything up to fifty. It is tricky to get right, but it should be an automatic choice in your daily hygiene programme.

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