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Feb 1st, 2012 Fluoride and Dental Caries in Central London Get in touch

2990539_sYou can pretty much find fluoride anywhere in central London and it has always been considered that it is the greatest thing to ever happen to our teeth.

Fluoride re-mineralizes the enamel and strengthens the teeth against plaque and acids that lead to tooth decay and so, it is naturally added to drinking water and you will find it in most dental products that you buy today. But for all of its boasts over the years, there is a rumbling going on that actually fluoride does more damage than good in the long run.

There are areas in the world that do not use fluoride at all, yet there are less reported cases of tooth decay and caries in these places as opposed to westernized areas. Fluoride does stave off caries, but it doesn’t prevent them altogether and its over-use can lead to fluorosis in the teeth making them weak and vulnerable to decay, making dental costs higher.

It has also been proven that fluoride is more toxic than lead and arsenic- probably a good reason to cut down on it as this constant ‘poisoning’ by using it, not only affects the teeth, but the brain and heart too.

There are alternative products you can buy as well as natural spring water, but fluoride has become popular because it helps to fend off decay from the type of food and drink we consume in the West so if you stop using it, you should also consider looking at your diet as well.

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