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Oct 5th, 2017 Four Reasons To Change Your Mind on Fixed Braces Get in touch

What do you think about when somebody mentions the word braces? There’s an assumption that fixed braces are only suitable for teenagers and that they are unsightly and bulky, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. Braces aren’t stuck in the dark ages and there have been some amazing advances in the world of orthodontics. If you thought fixed braces were painful or they’d ruin your image, think again! Here are 4 reasons to change your mind about fixed braces:

  1. Comfort: in the past, fixed braces were associated with discomfort due to the force used to move the teeth, but today, modern braces use gentle, friction-free forces, which are much less painful. It may take a couple of days to get used to wearing braces and they may feel a little tight at first, but you should find that any pain subsides quickly. Once you’re used to your braces, you’ll barely notice them.
  2. Discretion: most people still conjure up images of braces like those sported by Channel 4 icon Ugly Betty, but fixed braces can actually be very discreet. These days, fixed braces are often made from clear and tooth-coloured wires and brackets, which means that they are much less noticeable.
  3. Speed: many patients assume that they’ll have to wear a brace for years to achieve results, but treatment times have decreased significantly. If you have minor issues, treatment can take weeks rather than months and even the most complex cases can be completed in 12-24 months.
  4. Results: orthodontic issues can affect oral health, but most people want to have braces to improve the aesthetic of their smile. Fixed braces are guaranteed to achieve results and they are often a better option than removable braces, especially for complex cases where a lot of movement is required. This is because the success of treatment with removable braces is dependent on the patient wearing the brace for the required time each day.

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