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Mar 18th, 2010 Frame your smile with Botox from city of London dentist Get in touch

Every great picture needs a great frame and the same is true for a great smile. With the improvements in dental technology over the last twenty years, the possibilities for improving the appearance of teeth for patients of all ages has increased almost beyond belief. It is now possible to reverse even the most severe damage and cosmetic dentists can produce stunning results. For many patients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve their appearance they also might consider improving the appearance of the skin around the mouth.

Dermal fillers such as Botox can make skin appear firmer and younger completing the smile makeover transformation and taking years off the appearance of the patient. Botox has existed for many years but in the last decade it has really become more accepted as another normal beauty treatment. As it has become more widely available it has also become more affordable.

Botos works by blocking the signals that are transmitted through facial muscles. It is these transmissions that cause the muscles to spasm and create creases we know as wrinkles. By interrupting this movement the appearance of wrinkles is reduced and the skin looks younger and firmer.

Botox involves no surgical cutting of the skin and can be achieved with a few injections. City of London dentists will apply an anaesthetic gel to the area prior to treatment to make the treatment as painless as possible. The treatment involves very little risk of carried out by a trained dentist and will last up to four months before it needs topping up.

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