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Oct 24th, 2011 Freedom with Mini-implants in London Get in touch

The idea of having anything ‘false’ inserted into your body to replace something that you have lost can be a little intimidating and that also applies to any work that you have done in your mouth too at any dentists in London, but, there is a saving-grace here- titanium. Some people may have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous dentistry in the past, but what has come out of that is how dentists have learnt very fast to look after their patients- mini dental implants are a perfect example of this. Once the kingdom of kings, the advancement of this type of technology has put this treatment into the hands of everyone and out of all these trial and errors has come the mini-implant. This has been amazing. For a start, you can walk into most dentists and have one located into the jaw within the hour- but why you may ask is the need of a mini-implant? Well these little gems can keep your dentures in place and give you freedom that you thought you may never see again when eating out. They have also been an invaluable source to back up any bridge or crown work and help giving extra longevity to such fittings. Technology has made this style of treatment easy for every dentist to perform so you should get down there for a chat and discuss how a mini-dental implant can benefit you.

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