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Oct 22nd, 2014 Gaps In Your Smile Could Be Cast Aside With Bonding Brilliance Get in touch

4244118_blogDo you have gaps between your teeth or unsightly chips you’d love to banish? If so, dental bonding could provide the perfect solution. This easy, pain-free treatment can transform the appearance of your smile in just one hour, with no drilling, no injections and no interruption to your other teeth.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding, also known as cosmetic or composite bonding, is a cosmetic procedure, which aims to improve the look of the smile. Bonding may be used as an alternative to veneers or orthodontic treatment and it provides a very quick and simple solution for chipped and worn teeth and patients who have gaps between their teeth.

Bonding involves using dental composite to bring about changes to the individual teeth and the overall look of the smile. Composite is available in different shades and your dentist will choose the closes shade to your natural teeth for the best possible aesthetics.

When you have bonding treatment, your dentist will shape and figure the composite to reduce the size of the gaps between the teeth, repair chips and improve the aesthetic of worn surfaces. At this stage of treatment, the composite is soft. Once your dentist is happy with the results, the composite is set firm using a curing light. This doesn’t hurt and it only takes a few seconds.

The benefits of bonding

Bonding is a really effective option for patients who want results quickly and affordable treatment. This procedure only takes an hour, there’s pain or hassle involved and the results are clear to see straight-away.

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