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Sep 9th, 2016 Get a Bright Smile in Your Own Home! Get in touch

Beautifully HappyImagine if you could sit at home with your feet up watching the telly whilst whitening your teeth at the same time, wouldn’t that be great? Well good news, you actually can! With home whitening you can get a bright, white smile without leaving the house. Whether your schedule is chocka or you just want a quick and easy way to get whiter teeth, home whitening could be the ideal choice for you!

About home whitening

Home whitening is the perfect treatment for dull or stained teeth. Whether your morning coffee has taken its toll on your choppers or you just want to look like a Hollywood A-lister, you could benefit from home whitening.

This brilliant process involves wearing a custom-made whitening tray for a set amount of time every day, without having to leave your home. The trays are filled with a special whitening gel that will gradually lighten your gnashers.

How long does home whitening take?

Dental professionals tend to recommend a two week treatment period, but this can be shorter if you’ve got sensitive teeth. Most people wear the trays at night time, so they don’t get in the way with work or social events. After two weeks, you should have a stunning, bright smile and you can always top up in the future to give your smile a sparkling boost.

Is home whitening painful?

The trays should be comfortable because they’ll be made to fit you personally. You might experience some sensitivity after the process, but it shouldn’t last for very long and if you’re worried about it, your dentist should be able to help.

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