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Mar 12th, 2015 Get a Smile Like the Stars with our Teeth Whitening Treatments Get in touch

1567900_blogDo you ever feel envious when you flick through the pages of glossy magazines and see endless pages of perfect pearly whites sported by models and celebrities? If you do, we have great news! With our amazing home teeth whitening treatment, we can give you a smile worthy of any red carpet.

About home whitening

Home whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment designed to lighten the shade of the teeth and create a brighter, healthier looking smile. Home whitening, as you may have guessed from the name, takes place at home, so you don’t even need to brave the unpredictable spring weather to get amazing results.

Before you start your treatment, we arrange a consultation so that we can discuss the ins and outs of treatment and check that you a good candidate. We will create impressions of your teeth and these will be used to form your whitening trays. The whitening trays are similar to mouth guards and they are worn at home for a period of around six hours per day. They are custom-made to fit over your teeth, so you should find them very comfortable.

When your whitening trays are ready, you can start your treatment. All you do is wear the trays for the recommended time each day for around 14 days. The trays contain bleaching agent, which lightens the shade of the teeth when it comes into contact with the enamel surfaces. After you finish treatment, your smile will look noticeably whiter.

Is home whitening safe?

Home whitening is safe when premium, dentist-approved products are used and treatment is administered by trained professional dentists. We highly recommend seeing a dentist if you are interested in tooth whitening.Non-trained dentists practice treatments that are usually cheaper, but these are illegal.

To book your appointment, call now. You could have a stunning, radiant smile in perfect time to start spring with a bang!

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