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Jan 11th, 2009 Get a Smile Makeover at your West London Dental Clinic Get in touch

Visiting your West London Dental Clinic seeking a smile makeover can be a very informative process. You will tell your dentist that you want a smile makeover and you may or may not walk out with one that day. Your West London dentist will perform a complete oral examination and treatment plan for your dental and cosmetic needs and desires. Your smile makeover may contain various dental therapies that can involve: 1) teeth whitening; 2) bonding; 3) porcelain veneers; 4) dental crowns and/or bridges; 5) orthodontics; 6) decrease in a gummy smile if needed; and, 7) maxillofacial surgery.
This dental exam and treatment plan should always be performed in order to address your dental needs and to map out a strategy to treat you dentally. A complete oral examination should include: a complete intra-oral exam; radiographs; study models; a complete periodontal charting; and, an occlusal exam. If dental caries, gum disease(s) or bite problems are present, your West London dentist should treat these prior to your smile makeover. You may choose not the have this other dental work performed, however if you choose not to do so, you can later create more serious problems and even negatively affect your smile makeover. Many of these dental problems do not take long to fix at all.
Your West London dentist will then describe what is going to be involved in your smile makeover. When you visit your West London dentist the shape of your face your look, skin, teeth, hair colour, gum tissues, and lips, will all be considered. The treatment can include: 1) teeth contouring, whitening, and or bonding; 2) porcelain veneers; 3) changing old amalgams into composite fillings; and, 4) possible dental implants, crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures and full dentures. The dentist may have to increase the height of your bite if your have excessive wearing of your teeth, or if your face looks collapsed (i.e., shorter than normal). If this procedure is required, the dentist will make sure that your can tolerate this bite opening, and also make sure that your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are functioning properly. Your dentist will make sure that your bite and TMJ function normally anytime a tooth is restored. Your dentist will present your treatment plan before beginning, and if you do not want to get involved in certain procedures, or these procedures will lead to financial problems, your dentist can always come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs, wants, and financial budget.

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