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Dec 12th, 2010 Get amazing results with digital x-rays from City of London dentists Get in touch

One of the most amazing recent advances in dental technologies has been that of digital x-rays. In order for your dentist to properly examine your teeth and decide on correct action, it is vital that he or she can visualize your teeth well. Digital x-rays have revolutionized the manner in which dentists can look at your teeth. These techniques are widely practiced by City of London dentists today.

In the past, the traditional x-ray only allowed dentists to view the mouth in two dimensions. A number of these flat, 2D images would need to be taken for your dentist to have a complete view of all the angles of your mouth. This could mean expensive bills for the patient. By contrast, only one digital image needs to be taken for your dentist to have a complete, 3D view of your mouth using the latest in computer technology.

When digital x-rays are used in conjunction with other technologies, the results can be amazing. For instance, CEREC techniques mean that 3D images can be sent over the internet to online milling machines which can use the data to fabricate crowns, veneers and more in just minutes. For anyone nervous about spending a long time in the dentist’s chair, digital x-rays mean that lengthy visits to the dentist are a thing of the past

Despite the use of such cutting edge technology, digital x-rays are actually reducing the cost of many dental practices because lab fees to develop traditional x-rays are done away with and the length of time spent at the dentist is dramatically reduced. Ask your City of London dentist about what digital x-rays can do for you.

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