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Nov 12th, 2009 Get back your smile with dentures from City of London dentist Get in touch

Dentures are becoming less and less common as the standard of oral care increases. However, due to knocked out teeth from head trauma and dental decay, there are still a number of people who require artificial sets of teeth. Dentures come in the form of flexible plastic palates attached to a set of artificial ceramic teeth. They can be used to restore the appearance of a whole or partial dental arc.

Dental decay begins when plaque acid breaks down the enamel that surrounds the teeth. If these cavities penetrate to the centre of the tooth it can cause an infection that leads to tooth loss. Tooth infections are difficult to treat and can easily spread to other teeth. When many teeth have succumbed to infection it removes the rigid structure that supports the facial tissue. This causes sagging in the facial tissue which adds years to the patient’s appearance. An absence of teeth also causes an extensive erosion of the gums and makes eating very difficult. Dentures replace the teeth as facial supports and enable the patients to eat and live a normal life.

Dentures should be secured by suction alone but often this is not enough due to erosion of the gums. Denture wearers often resort to using denture adhesive strips or gels, which can be very messy and prevent patients eating certain foods. A more permanent approach is to have a set of mini-implants secured to the jawbone to which the dentures can snap on or off. This provides a good level of security meaning patients do not have to feel anxious about loose dentures.

Dentures are fairly hard wearing but do need regular cleaning just like real teeth. They are usually taken out over night and cleaned. Dentists usually offer more extensive cleaning services as part of their wider denture treatments.

If you are suffering from missing teeth and want to restore the appearance of your smile, make an appointment with a City of London dentist to see what dentures could do for your teeth and life.

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