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Jun 25th, 2011 Get help with your abscessed tooth from London W1 dentists Get in touch

If you have a persistent pain in one of your teeth, life can suddenly seem very difficult. Going to work might seem like the last thing you want to do and that morning cup of tea suddenly becomes more of an issue than it ever has before. If it is showing no signs of going away you should definitely report the problem to your dentist as it might be that your tooth is abscessed.

Abscessed teeth can often be the result of one off accidents which have affected your face. Not only will your tooth hurt but there might be a noticeable swelling to the side of your face as well. It is important that this is dealt with as soon as possible.

Neglecting to report such a situation might lead to having to have the tooth removed. If there is damage to the hollow interior of the tooth (called the pulp chamber), then root canal surgery can usually rectify the problem. But if this is not carried out soon enough then the tooth might fail and simply have to be removed.

Pain of such magnitude in your mouth is unlikely to just go away of its own accord so you should not hesitate in booking an emergency appointment with your London W1 dentist. It might be that some major work is required in order to restore your teeth your health. You shouldn’t wait until your next six months check-up because it might have got worse by then. Remember: you only get one set of healthy teeth in a life time so it is not worth playing fast and loose with their integrity.

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